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How Demolish a Roof

Many homeowners choose to demolish their own roofs when they are replacing their roofs. Roof demolition isn’t particularly hard. Tearing off asphalt shingles is not especially technical or demanding. It is time consuming and labor intensive. Those who choose to demolish their own roofs can bet on spending a long weekend in the sun. The […]

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What Ancient History Can Teach Us About Demolition

Happy Easter from Deconstruction Pro! Yesterday we started discussed briefly Roman construction. And that got me to thinking about what ancient cultures can teach us about demolition today.  Now on first thought you may say to yourself, What can the Ancient Romans or Egyptians or Greeks teach us about demolition? They didn’t have bobcats, Super […]

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Concrete Demolition and Driveways

Most people don’t really think about their driveways. They are just there. But driveways, like every other part of the house, require regular maintenance and occasionally replacement. A driveway that is cracked or sunken in spots hurts the value of your home and just looks bad. So if your driveway is cracked and falling apart […]

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