How to Find a Demolition Contractor (Who Won’t Rip You Off) in Los Angeles

How to Find a Demolition Contractor (Who Won’t Rip You Off) in Los Angeles

Deconstruction Pro hopes that we are always your first call when you need a demolition contractor, but Deconstruction Pro is committed to educating our customers. We want to empower our customers so they can make the best decision for their project. So how do you find a good demolition contractor in Los Angeles? 

There are a few basic steps you should go through before deciding on a demolition contractor. 

1. Get Estimates

Think of estimates as a job interview. An estimate is an opportunity to talk to a demolition contractor about your project, assess his or her strengths and weakness, and most importantly get an estimated price for your project. Deconstruction Pro offers estimates on most resident demolition projects for free and we put all our estimates in writing. 

2. Check a Demolition Contractor’s License

All demolition contractors in Los Angeles and California must be licensed. You need to make sure that your demolition contractor is licensed and bonded. The easiest way to verify a demolition contractor’s license is by contacting the California State License Board and verifying the license with them. Deconstruction Pro. has our contractor’s license right on our website.

3. Verify You Demolition Contractor’s Insurance

Demolition contractors in Los Angeles are required to carry some sort of insurance. You should ask your demolition contractor for the name and contact number for his insurance agent. Call up the insurance agent and have him or her fax you a Proof of Insurance Certificate. Also ask your demolition contractor’s insurance agent if their is any type of demolition work that your contractor is prohibited from doing according by their insurance policy.

These are some basic tips for shopping around for a demolition contractor in Los Angeles. When you begin your search make Deconstruction Pro your first call. Deconstruction Pro is a licensed, bonded, and insured demolition contractor in Los Angeles

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