Advice from a Hauling Service

Advice from a Hauling Service

Deconstruction Pro does a lot of hauling service work in Los Angeles and Ventura County for both contractors and private homeowners. Our hauling service take a lot of work out of demolition and construction. We haul away your construction debris, dirt, and concrete and dispose of it properly, saving you time at the city landfill.

We see a lot of confusion about how exactly construction debris can be disposed of in Los Angeles. So lets clear up some of this confusion. 

Weight Limits. Clean dirt and clean concrete isn’t “scaled” (or weighed) at the landfill. Clean dirt and clean concrete is measured by the load. Weight limits generally apply to mixed construction debris. Mixed construction debris has a 2 ton weight limit at the dump. For every ton over two tons you will be charged an overweight fee of about $50 per ton over the 2 tons.

People often end up spending a lot more than they planned on dumping and hauling because they inadvertently mix clean dirt and clean concrete with wood, yard waste, or other construction materials. When the city landfill finds construction debris mixed in with clean dirt the load automatically goes from per load to per ton.

Whether you are doing your own disposal, or hiring a hauling service to haul away your construction debris this is just some practical information to keep in mind.

Deconstruction Pro can assist you at any time with your hauling service needs. If you need a hauling service in Los Angeles give Deconstruction Pro a call.

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