Garage Demolition

Garage Demolition and Household Removal

Deconstruction Pro provides garage demolition services. Deconstruction Pro’s demo experts have years of experience demolishing garages, sheds, barns, and other freestanding storage structures. We can safely and completely demolish your garage. Deconstruction Pro. offers speedy service and affordable prices. If you are seeking to demolish a garage call Deconstruction Pro. today.

Why Have a Garage Demolished?

People choose to have garage, particularly freestanding garage demolished, for various reasons.

  • A freestanding garage has become decrepit beyond repair and need to be replaced with a new structure
  • A freestanding garage is no longer needed
  • An entire house is being demolished and so is the garage

Garage Demolition Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Garage Demolition Cost?

Garage demolition can vary widely in price depending on the size and scope of the demolition project. The best way to determine the cost of a garage demolition is to call for an estimate.

Call Deconstruction Pro. at (888) 666-8808 to arrange an accurate estimate for your garage demolition.

Do I Need a Permit to Demolish a Garage?

Permitting for demolition and construction can vary city to city, so check with your local building department first. In most cases you will need a demolition permit to demolish a garage. You’ll need to obtain a demolition permit prior to demolishing our garage.

Deconstruction Pro. can guide you through the demolition permitting process. Our savvy professionals know the ins and outs of obtaining demolition permits for any project.

What Should I Do Before I Have My Garage Demolish?

You should completely empty out your garage. Remove any boxes, tools, household hazardous materials (like paint, etc), and of course any automobiles. You’ll also want to have power that goes to the garage completely switched off. You’ll also want have any gas or water lines going to the garage completely turned off.

What Happens to the Debris From a Garage Demolition?

Debris leftover from a garage demolition will either be recycled or disposed of properly in a landfill.

Deconstruction Pro’s goal is to recycle 50 to 90% of what we recover from any given demolition project.