Hauling Services and Dirt Removal

Hauling Services and Dirt Removal

We recently finished a big dirt removal job in the San Fernando Valley. Over a two day period we moved and disposed of about 500 cubic yards of dirt for one of our bigger commercial clients. Deconstruction Pro. has a specialized hauling service just for these types of jobs. Four Super Ten trucks and a couple of Bobcats for loading.

And I gotta admit I kind of love it.

Being part of a hauling service reminds me of the best part of being a kid. Between 5 and 7 when the world revolved around a pile of dirt in the backyard and a set of toy dump trucks. I cannot count the hours frittered away moving dirt from one pile to another pile over the course of a Summer.

Running a hauling service takes me back to those days. Except the toys are real and the dirt gets taken a lot farther. It’s still fun though. If you run a demolition service you have to love playing in the dirt.

And Deconstruction Pro we love it.

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