Some Basic Demolition Tips

Some Basic Demolition Tips

Deconstruction Pro. strongly encourages anyone looking to do any kind of demolition to hire a professional demolition contractor. Demolition can be tricky work for the inexperienced do-it-yourselfer. And a bad demolition job can add time and cost onto a construction job.

But we also realize people want to know more about demolition, and we want to educate our customers so here are some basic demolition tips for your next demolition project.

1. Give Yourself Enough Time for Your Demolition Project

A classic mistake a first time do-it-yourselfer makes is not allowing enough time for a demolition project. We recently rescued one client who tried to do his own kitchen demolition project. He had originally allowed half a day for a complete kitchen demolition. Needless to say he ran out of time to do the demolition and hired Deconstruction Pro to help him finish.

So when planning your demolition project overestimate the amount of time needed and give yourself plenty of time to accomplish your demolition goals.

2. Turn Off Your Power and Water

This is a very common and very dangerous mistake many many first time do-it-yourselfers make when starting a demolition job. Make sure you have both the power and the water switched off in the area you are working. If you are not totally sure, switch off the power and water to the entire house. 

3. Hire a Hauling Service

Demolition projects generate a ton of garbage and construction debris. Construction debris can’t be just thrown in the regular trash. Hire a good hauling service to haul away your construction debris. This costs a bit of time, but saves you immense amount of time and labor.

4. Dress For Safety

Wear a respirator or a dusk mask. Deconstruction Pro requires our workers to use a respirator so we would strongly encourage you to use one as well. Also wear heavy work boots (preferably steel toed work boots) long pants, and a long work shirt. If you are doing something messy, like tearing down a wall or ceiling, you may also want to wear paper coveralls that you can quickly tear off and throw away when they get dirty.

These are some basic tips. There is a lot more to demolition than just tearing into a wall with an axe or a sledgehammer. So if you are unsure about doing your own demolition project call the professionals. Deconstruction Pro. handles both residential and commercial demolition. And we do demolition right.

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