Kitchen Demolition Tips from a Demolition Contractor

Kitchen Demolition Tips from a Demolition Contractor

Kitchen Demolition Tips from a Demolition Contractor

Kitchen demolition is one of the most common demolition Deconstruction Pro does. We do kitchen demolitions for apartments, condos, and houses. Whenever someone moves into a new house the kitchen is the first place they want to put their stamp on.

So if you are doing your own kitchen demolition here are a few tips from an experienced demolition contractor.

1. Take your time. Don’t rush a kitchen demolition project. We normally take about two days to demo an average sized kitchen. We may take up to four days for a very large or intricate kitchen demolition. 

2. Switch off your water and power. Not switching off the power and water is a big big mistake. In fact, not switching off your water and power when demo’ing a kitchen can be lethal. So find the circuit breakers that lead to your kitchen outlets and switch them off. If you still have power, kill the main switch. The same applies to water. 

3. Remove appliances and cover surfaces. If you have some appliances you want to save remove them from the kitchen and store them in a safe place. If you have built in appliances, like range tops or refrigerators, that cannot be removed make sure you cover them as well. If you plan on saving your flooring, cover your floors.

4. Clean as you go. Whether you are renting a dumpster or hiring a hauling service, make sure you clean as you go and keep your workspace clean.

5. If you run into trouble, hire a pro. Kitchen demolition can be tricky, especially with older kitchens, if you run into trouble call a professional demolition contractor like Deconstruction Pro.


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