How Demolish a Roof

How Demolish a Roof

How Demolish a Roof

Many homeowners choose to demolish their own roofs when they are replacing their roofs. Roof demolition isn’t particularly hard. Tearing off asphalt shingles is not especially technical or demanding. It is time consuming and labor intensive. Those who choose to demolish their own roofs can bet on spending a long weekend in the sun.

The main issue with roof demolition is clean up. Asphalt shingles and nails can end up everywhere. When Deconstruction Pro demolishes a roof we lay down a lot of plastic sheeting below the roof to catch flying asphalt shingles and nails. We also keep a dumpster onsite that can be easily accessed at all times.

If you are doing your own roofing demolition we encourage you to do the same. 

Another practice we use at Deconstruction Pro. is to go over the ground directly below a demolished roof with a magnetic nail catcher. Nails tend to fly off roofs as they are being demolished and can land all over a driveway and backyard. This isn’t great for your tires or your kids. So Deconstruction Pro tries as best as possible to sweep up and clean up torn off nails from a roof.

Roofing demolition isn’t complex, the main thing to keep in mind during a roofing demolition is clean up. Or if you don’t want to handle your own roof demolition call Deconstruction Pro.

Deconstruction Pro is a licensed, bonded, and insured demolition contractor in Los Angeles.

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