What Ancient History Can Teach Us About Demolition

What Ancient History Can Teach Us About Demolition

What Ancient History Can Teach Us About Demolition

Happy Easter from Deconstruction Pro!

Yesterday we started discussed briefly Roman construction. And that got me to thinking about what ancient cultures can teach us about demolition today. 

Now on first thought you may say to yourself, What can the Ancient Romans or Egyptians or Greeks teach us about demolition? They didn’t have bobcats, Super Ten Trucks, or C4 explosives. Demolition wasn’t an organized practice back then, demolition was more of an act of nature or an act or war. So what can ancient civilizations teach us about demolition?

Well, one thing we do know is that through the years, until the beginning of the industrial revolution, is that people reused a lot of construction materials. When a building was destroyed by natural disaster or an invading army survivors would pick through debris and reuse almost everything they could find to rebuild.

In fact, this practice lead to the rapid deterioration of some historic sites, like the Roman Colosseum, after the fall of the Roman Empire and into the Middle Ages when peasants would salvage construction materials from these abandoned places for their homes.

Now, as we grow more environmentally conscious and aware of our limited natural resources, demolition companies, like Deconstruction Pro, are reusing more and more construction materials recovered during a demolition project. Recycling construction material lowers the cost of demolition and preserves our natural resources.

So while we don’t scrounge through the rubble of a burned palace, we are beginning to retrace the path of the ancients and recycling our construction debris instead of just dumping it.  

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