What Sort of Safety Equipment Should I Wear for A Demolition Project?

What Sort of Safety Equipment Should I Wear for A Demolition Project?

First time do-it-yourselfers often overlook safety when it comes to demolition. And when you overlook safety you can and will get hurt. If you are starting a demolition project invest in some quality safety equipment.

Leather gloves … Invest in a good set of leather work gloves. Good work gloves are essential to protecting your hands from damage.

Hard hats … Buy a safety rated hard hat. Hard hats provide critical protection against falling materials that can seriously injure or kill you.

Eye protection … Buy a pair of safety goggles. Flying debris during a demolition can cause serious eye injury so always protect your eyes.

Mask … Buy a decent mask to filter the air so you won’t be breathing in dust and debris. Preferably a rubber mask with detachable filters.

Good Work Boots … Regardless of how diligent you are about cleaning up a construction site there will always be a lot of nails and other shape items laying around that can tear into a tennis shoe. So invest in a pair of good steel toed work boots. If you want to be extra careful buy steel toed, steel heeled, steel plate boots.

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