House Demolition, Some More Thoughts 03/15/2013

House Demolition, Some More Thoughts 03/15/2013

Deconstruction Pro is wrapping up its big house demolition project today. Our first house demolition of 2013. Everything went surprisingly well. Every demolition project is a bit different, and every demolition project presents its challenge, but this house demolition had very few challenges. You got to love it when a plan comes together.

What is really amazing about house demolition these days is how much we recycle. Ten or twenty years ago we would have hauled just about everything to a landfill and been rid of it. Today we recycle between 40 to 50% of what we find in a house.

In this particular house demolition we were able to recover some very cool antique bathroom fixtures and sinks. We were also able to cover some of the lumber from the frame of the house and almost all the concrete from the foundation.

The fact we can recycle so much from a house demolition makes me really happy. It always seemed a shame to waste so much when it could be reused. Now nearly half of everything gets reused in some fashion.

Demolition services are as much about recycling as they are about demolishing.

March 15, 2013

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