Demolition Drives America 03/14/2013

Demolition Drives America 03/14/2013

Every so often we at Deconstruction Pro get a bit wistful about the job we do. Demolition and excavation doesn’t always feel like the most glamorous job in the world. Demolitions is hard work, dirty work, and even for the best demolitions can be dangerous work. But this morning I think to myself, demolitions is also important work.

Creative destruction drives America forward, and demolition companies, like Deconstruction Pro, are the engine that drives America forward.

We recently completed a couple of overnight commercial demolition jobs. Retail space that is being converted into a restaurant, hair salon, and a electronics store. The space used to be home to a frozen yogurt place that closed, a veterinarian who had long since moved away, and some never rented retail spaces. Without our demolition services that retail space might have just sat empty for months or years. But because we were there to rip out the old and usher in the new that commercial space will soon be filled with new and thriving shops.

Demolition is more than just construction or deconstruction, demolition is creative destruction that removes the old and allows the new to grow in its place.

Right now some of Deconstruction’s pros are working on a house demolition in Ventura County. Once they are through our client will start building a new house. That job will employ several contractors (including Deconstruction) and leave a newer and much more beautiful house in its wake. Again, something that would not be possible without a demolition service.

Everyone that works for Deconstruction Pro loves what they do. We all also believe in what we are doing. Whether its a house demolition, a big commercial demolition, or a small concrete removal job the folks Deconstruction Pro. believe that their job is important.

March 14, 2013

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