Demolishing a House 03/13/2013

Demolishing a House 03/13/2013

Today Deconstruction Pro will be working on a house demolition in Ojai. A client of ours just bought a couple acres of beautiful, rolling Ojai property. He wants to build a new house in place of the rundown farmhouse that currently stands in its place. We’ve done a lot of commercial demolition work for this client in the past so when it came time to demolish a house we were his first call.

House demolition is time-consuming. Everything has to be demolished. The house itself, the retaining walls, and even the concrete foundation. Everything must be demolished down to the dirt. Deconstruction Pro. will also be handling the excavation work for the new house. Combining house demolition and excavation makes sense, because it saves money and time for the customer.

Deconstruction Pro. are specialists at house demolition. We handle house demolition all the time throughout Los Angeles and Ventura County.

March 13, 2013

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