Concrete Demolition Tips, Part 1 03/16/2013

Concrete Demolition Tips, Part 1 03/16/2013

We are working a driveway concrete demolition today. I know a lot of Do-It-Yourselfers like to do their own concrete removal and concrete demolition. So I thought I’d share a few demolition tips from a professional concrete demolition contractor.

Make Sure You Are Actually Saving Money

If the aim of doing it yourself is to save money, make sure you are actually saving money by doing your own concrete removal. A lot of Do-It-Yourselfers end up spending more money, once they pay for dumpster rental, tool rental, and disposal costs, than a concrete demolition contractor would have charge them. Especially if they are hiring a contractor to pour concrete.

Rent The Right Tool 

Some concrete slabs you can break apart with a few whacks from a sledgehammer and a well-placed pry bar. If you have a particular thick slab of concrete you may need to rent a pneumatic or electric jackhammer. Most Do-It-Yourselfers will instantly opt to rent a pneumatic jackhammer. Wrong! For most home concrete demolition jobs pneumatic jackhammers are overkill. They are also rough on your body and difficult to maneuver if you’ve never used one.¬†

Do a a test with a sledgehammer a few days before your planned concrete demolition. After a couple of whacks you will know pretty fast if a large tool, like an electric jackhammer, is required.

Have a Concrete Disposal Plan

Concrete cannot be thrown in your trash can and it can’t be thrown in most apartment dumpsters (3 yard bins) so you will have to get rid of it somehow. Some concrete recyclers will accept demolished concrete for free or charge a small fee per load. If your concrete is reenforced with rebar or wire mesh you may get charged more.

Another option is to call a hauling service and have them either haul away your concrete, or provide you will a dumpster specially designed to hold concrete debris. A good hauling service can advise you on the proper tip of dumpster bin to rent for your area.

Beg, Borrow, and Bribe Your Friends

Concrete demolition is a lot easier and goes a lot faster if you have some extra warm bodies to help you. Time to call in favors from your friends. I’d personally recommend a time honored mixture of beer and guilt.

March 6, 2013

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