4 Reasons Why People are Opting to Demolish a Pool

4 Reasons Why People are Opting to Demolish a Pool

4 Reasons Why People are Opting to Demolish a Pool

1. Maintenance

Pool maintenance isn’t terribly expensive but it isn’t terribly cheap either. One can easily spend a thousand or more a year maintaining a pool. That is a slow drip of money — $10 here, $20 there, $100 over there — that can be quite frequently put to better use elsewhere.

Swimming pool demolition represents an immediate outlay of cash, but quite often saves money for a homeowner in the long run.

2. Safety

Families with young children often don’t feel safe around a pool. This is a refrain we’ve heard from multiple customers in the last couple of years. There are obviously several ways to mitigate the risk of pools pose to young children, but the ultimate solution is to completely remove a pool. For people who want to feel safe and want their children to feel safe the money spent on a swimming pool demolition is well worth it.

3. Use (or lack of)

People just don’t use their pools. So why spend time and money maintaining something they don’t use. Deconstruction’s estimators frequently encounter customers who’ve retired, no longer have kids, and who have simply aged out of having a pool.

4. The Desire to Have a Backyard

A lot of customers tell us that the main reason they want to get rid of their pool is because they have a strong desire to have a backyard, and a garden, and a place to cook out and watch their children run around in.

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