3 Things to Do to Prepare for a Kitchen Demolition

3 Things to Do to Prepare for a Kitchen Demolition

3 Things to Do to Prepare for a Kitchen Demolition

Kitchen demolition is one of the most popular demolition services Deconstruction Pro. offers. But kitchen demolition also takes your kitchen out of service for a couple days to a week (longer in some cases). So what do you and your family do? Here are our suggestions for living through a kitchen demolition and surviving on the other side.

1. Make a Plan

Kitchen demolition and remodeling can disrupt your life like nothing else can. Think about it. The one place where you prepare your food, cook your food, and wash your dishes is about to be torn apart. Sure, the process may only last for a couple of days or a week at the most, but that is a week without a place to cook food or clean your dishes.

So you need to make a plan. Are you going to eat out? Are you going to move you and your family into a temporary housing (i.e. hotel or apartment)? Or are you just going to tough it out and live without a kitchen? Make a plan how you are going to live without a kitchen well in advance of your scheduled kitchen demolition.

2. Expect to Live without Water

The first part of a kitchen demo is to switch off the water and power going to the kitchen area. This means no water running to the sink or dishwasher, no drinking water from the refrigerator, no water period.

We generally advise our clients to purchase several cases of drinking water and a couple gallons of water for cooking. When it comes to dish ware you have one of two options. Either wash your dishes in an alternate sink (i.e. a bathroom sink), or switch to disposable silverware and plates for the duration of the kitchen demolition.

For cleanliness and sterility, we generally tell our customers to use disposable plates and silverware.

3. Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

Unless you’re eating out every day, you’ll need to set up a temporary kitchen somewhere in your house. Toaster ovens, microwaves, and countertop grills are all great alternatives to the oven and countertop range. For a refrigerator you can buy a small apartment style fridge for $90. Avoid storing meat or dairy in a cooler. This can lead to food poisoning and serious health problems.



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