How to Get a Demolition Permit

How to Get a Demolition Permit

How to Get a Demolition Permit

Before you begin any type of demolition job you are going to need a demolition permit. Why? First and foremost because its the law. Failure to obtain a demolition permit means you could incur fines for failure to obtain a permit and any un-permitted remodels done to your home may not “count” when you get your home appraised in the future.

You should always obtain proper permits before beginning any type of demolition project. If you are working with a demolition company like Deconstruction Pro. we’ll obtain the proper permits for you. But what if you’re doing your own demolition? Here’s a 3 step overview of how to obtain a demolition permit.

1. Check With Your City’s Building Department

Thankfully, most major cities have guidelines for obtaining a demolition permit posted online. You should also be able to find an application online as well. If for some reason your city’s building department isn’t online, call them or go down to their main office, and speak to a building inspector.

2. Fill Out Your Application

Once you’ve obtain the proper application form, fill it out completely. Again, most cities have a handbook that covers construction and demolition permitting so refer to that if you have any questions. 

3. Submit Your Application and Pay the Fee

You can usually submit your application either via the mail or in person. Some cities will allow you to submit an application online. The cost of a demolition permit will vary from city to city. Typically you can expect to pay a couple hundred dollars for a permit in most parts of the country.

Obtaining a demolition permit is typically not a daunting process. It’s fairly straightforward and simple in most cases (house demolitions and full building demolitions being the two major exceptions). Proper permitting now will save you money and legal headaches in the future.

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