I once wrote a story about Demolition and now that i read it i don’t understand it!

I once wrote a story about Demolition and now that i read it i don’t understand it!

Demolition – when I think of this word , I think of a demolition derby with cars where you keep running into every car you can until there is only one left running. The cars that have been demolished are considered rubbish therefore they are hauled away by junk haulers and rubbish haulers. The demolition services that is being done next door to my property is tearing down a dilapidated house . The demolition of the house began with the inside, tearing out all the interior down to the studs. Once all the interior had been removed the next section that was being removed was the roof, a tile roof. The crew from the demolition company began removing the outside exterior walls one by one until the only area left to be broken apart was the foundation on the home itself. The concrete foundation was very big and took several days to get this demolished and hauled away.


The company also removed the swimming pool completely including all the electrical and plumbing. The lot was cleared completely of the house, foundation, and swimming pool, now there is just an enormous hole in the ground where the pool had been. I am not just being a nosy neighbor, I write articles on the Internet for Construction. I was really curious as what was going to happen with that big empty hole, Lo and behold the next day I saw trucks of dirt being transported in and dumping into the swimming pool hole.  Once the swimming pool was filled , the demolition company was leveling and grading the entire lot. The lot looked great !!

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