Floor Demolition & Removal

Floor Demolition & Removal

Floor Demolition & Removal

Floor Removal

Removing an old floor can be a challenging thing to do especially if it’s old Linoleum with years of paste underneath it. The longer a linoleum tile stays stuck to the floor the harder it is to remove it. Sometimes the only option to remove old tiles like those are sheer brute force by destroying the tile completely. If your lucky, you can use a heat gun or a hair dryer to get the tile warmed up and loosen the glue. By heating up the tile you can get the tacky glue to start to loosen and let go of the old tile. the most annoying part though is that glue might stay stuck on the concrete in which case you might have to adhere to other methods like a scrapper which can be time consuming.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with ceramic tile or wood then you can easily break those old pieces off and start the demolition process that way. Removing these old pieces of wood and ceramic tile can be very easy with the correct tools in hand. Using a sledgehammer which can demolish almost anything in sight is your best bet.

After you have your pieces and junk on the floor it’s quite easy to scoop it all up and dump it out. If you need to get a dumpster you should go ahead and schedule one or a junk removal services.

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