How to Clean Up During a Demolition Project

How to Clean Up During a Demolition Project

Keeping your demolition worksite clean is a part of demolition best practices. Every demolition contractor puts a priority on safety and cleanliness. If you are doing your own demolition project your focus should be on safety and cleanliness as well. 

How do you clean a demolition work site?

Assuming you’re not using a hauling service to clean up your demolition project rent a dumpster and clean as you go. How do you clean? The two most frequently used tools are a mop and a ShopVac. We sweep and vacuum as we go. We also use heavy trash bags to pack pack up loose construction debris.  When you are cleaning be thorough and diligent. Make sure you police up nails, screws, and hardware that might have fallen on the floor. 

A clean demolition site is a safe demolition site.

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