Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

There are a number of reasons Deconstruction Pro. uses the best and latest demolition techniques for every project. We want to provide the best experience for our customers. We want to ensure that our workers are always protected. We want to improve efficiency. We also want to help preserve and protect our environment.

Back in the old days (and the old days weren’t that long ago) your average demolition contractor was not the least bit concerned about how much waste he or she sent to the landfill. Chances are if you had a house demolished most of that house would end up in various landfills. But not anymore.

Today Deconstruction Pro is leading the way with environmentally responsible deconstruction and demolition techniques. We’re also leading the way in terms of recycling  and reusing construction materials we recovered from various demolition projects. Deconstruction Pro. recycles 20% to 40% of the construction material we recover from a demolition project. Our company goal is to recycle 60%  to 70% of the construction material recovered from a project by 2014.

Why are we so focused on deconstruction, environmentally sound demolition, and recycling? Two reasons.

Environmentally Sound Demolition is the Smart Choice.

The argument against environmentally responsible demolition was (and continues to be), well, that is nice and all, but recycling and deconstruction cost too much. Not really. In fact, we generally find that we can save our clients and customers money by recycling materials and recovering reusable construction materials. We can also save our clients and customer time by using environmentally responsible deconstruction techniques. Many cities are fast tracking demolition permits for people who choose deconstruction over demolition. So faster permits means less time spent in limbo and on red tape.

Environmentally Sound Demolition is the Right Choice.

Whether we saved money or not, we’d still practice environmentally sound demolition. Why? Because it is the right thing to do. Deconstruction Pro. recognizes that we only have one planet and it falls on each and every one of us to protect the planet. The folks at Deconstruction Pro. want to leave our children and grandchildren a better planet than the one we found. This is why Deconstruction Pro. puts such a heavy emphasis on environmentally responsible demolition.

So when you are looking for a demolition company choose the one that shares your concerns and your values. Call Deconstruction Pro. at 888-347-8808

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