Deconstruction Values

Deconstruction Values

Deconstruction Values

I ended up concluding that the worst thing that could possibly happen as we get big and as we get a little more influence in the world is if we change our core values and start letting it slide, I can’t do that. I’d rather quit.” — Steve Jobs on Apple’s Core Values.

One of our founding beliefs is that we’re more than just a demolition company. We’re members of the community, we’re neighbors and friends, we’re the guys who hold open the glass door for you grandma at the grocery store, and we’re the guys who will spend a work night helping find your kid’s lost dogs. Deconstruction Pro. has a core set of values that we hold dear. We’d much rather shut down than betray those values.

What are Deconstruction Pro values?

1. Honesty 

2. Integrity

3. Punctuality

4. Environmental Responsibility 

We expect everyone that works for Deconstruction Pro. to uphold our values and beliefs. So when you are shopping for a demolition company don’t just shop for price, shop for companies that share your values. 

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