What is an Easy Demolition Project?

What is an Easy Demolition Project?

What is an Easy Demolition Project?

The glib answer to what is an easy demolition project is “the one you hire Deconstruction Pro to take care of”… Do-It-Yourselfers are always asking us, what would you recommend as a first time demolition project? In general, we’d suggest concrete removal.

If you’ve got a small section of concrete, like a patio or walkway, you can easily break it up and rip it up. What will you need? A sledgehammer, a San Angelo Pry Bar, and some plastic sheeting. You’ll also need a sturdy wheelbarrow or to rent a concrete hauler. You probably also want to rent a dumpster to dispose of the concrete.

When doing your own concrete removal start at the edge and move slow. Break up and crack the concrete at the edges. Also use a San Angelo pry bar to pry up the concrete from the bottom. Make sure you cover any nearby windows with plastic to catch flying debris during the concrete removal.

And if you run into trouble call Deconstruction Pro. We’re experts at concrete removal. We’ll handle both the big jobs and the little jobs.

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