Thoughts About Ethics

Thoughts About Ethics

Two days ago a longtime client called us to help finish a bathroom and kitchen demolition.

He had hired another demolition contractor for this particular job. He was given a super low estimate. Upon reflection the estimate was too good to be true, because when the demolition contractor who shall not be named showed up to do the job, they found a bunch of reasons to raise the cost of the job. And raise it, and raise it some more. 

Our client saw through the bait and switch and sent these guys packing. He then made the call to Deconstruction Pro. Why? Because the one thing we’ll never do is give you an estimate and then charge you more for a job.

The folks at Deconstruction Pro. take our commitments very seriously. When we give you our word we stick to it, no matter what. We hold each and everyone of our employees to that standard. We strive for excellence and honesty in every job we do.

Deconstruction Pro is a licensed, bonded, and insured Los Angeles demolition contractor




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