The Deconstruction Difference: Your Los Angeles Demolition Contractor

The Deconstruction Difference: Your Los Angeles Demolition Contractor

The Deconstruction Difference: Your Los Angeles Demolition Contractor

You have a lot of choices when it comes to demolition contractors in Los Angeles. Deconstruction Pro. realize you have choices when it comes to demolition contractors. When a client chooses Deconstruction Pro for their demolition project we feel privileged and just a little bit lucky. That is why Deconstruction Pro. strives to deliver the best in demolition services to all of its customers. 

Why choose Deconstruction Pro?

1. Deconstruction Pro is Experienced

Deconstruction Pro. has been providing the best demolition services in Los Angeles for over five years. We handle both residential and commercial demolitions. Deconstruction Pro. has done small demolition projects, large demolition projects, everything from whole house demolition to small bathroom demolitions. 

2. Deconstruction Pro is Professional

Deconstruction Pro. is a professional demolition contractor. Professionalism comes directly from experience. We hire only the best demolition workers and use only the best heavy machinery. Every job we conduct ourselves with the highest degree professionalism and we hold each of our employees to that standard. That is why we are the professional choice for a demolition contractor in Los Angeles. 

3. Deconstruction Pro is Safe

Demolition, like any type of construction work, comes with associated dangers. Deconstruction Pro. trains and retrains its workers in proper safety procedures. We don’t start a demolition project until we are sure that we can do that demolition project safely. Deconstruction Pro works to insure both the safety of our employees and the safety of our clients.

4. Deconstruction Pro is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Deconstruction Pro is a licensed, bonded, and insured demolition contractor in Los Angeles. This sounds like a small thing but there are many demolition companies in Los Angeles who operate without a license. This demolition companies often do poor quality of work and can put your project at risk.

5. Deconstruction Pro is a Full Service Demolition Contractor

Many demolition contractors only do residential demolition services. Many demolition contractors exclusively handle commercial demolition services. Deconstruction Pro. handles both residential and commercial services. We handle all types of residential demolition, from bathroom demolition up to full house demolition. We also offer a complete range of commercial demolition services for small and large businesses.

Deconstruction Pro wants to be your on stop for all your demolition needs. When you compare our experience, personal, equipment, and dedication to service we think you’ll agree that the choice is obvious: Deconstruction Pro.




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