Steps To An Easy Bathroom Demolition

Steps To An Easy Bathroom Demolition

Steps To An Easy Bathroom Demolition

Follow our steps to get your next bathroom demolition service completed with no issues at all. First of all, you are contacting one of the best Demolition Services in all of Los Angeles so you have nothing to worry about!

Bathroom Removal Steps

It is strongly recommended that you take help of a demolition professional for removing the pipes and other things, because this will be less time consuming and will help you save time and possibly a lot of money if things go wrong. It is always safer to not put too many things at risk while trying to demolish the bathroom.

  • The first step is to remove the mirrors, shelves, etc. This can be done by gently unscrewing the mirror or scraping off the edges with a knife.
  • The next step involves shutting off the water supply. This is important because without shutting off the water supply, the pipes, when removed, could cause a water leakage!
  • The next step is to demolish the toilet. This means that the toilet will have to be taken out in parts.
  • The nuts and screws at the lower side of the toiler should be used.
  • Similarly, the bathtub or the shower or both should be removed.
  • Remove the cabinets and shelves.


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