Expert Garage Demolition Services

Expert Garage Demolition Services

Expert Garage Demolition Services

Garage Demolition is fairly straightforward. You will need a demolition permit, a large dumpster or waste bin, tools (pry bar, heavy hammer, circular saw) and safety equipment. You may also want to recruit help to assist you in a garage demolition.

1. Obtain the necessary demolition permits
Talk to your local building department and obtain the necessary permits. What type of permit will you need? Depends entirely on your city and the rules that govern garage demolition in your city and state.

2. Rent a Dumpster
Depending on the size of the garage you may need to rent a fairly larger dumpster. For most garages you need a dumpster in the 20 to 40 yard range.

3. Turn off Utilities
Make sure you turn off all utilities going to your garage, this includes electricity, water and gas. Remove the wires and switches leading from your house’s breaker box to the garage. Double check that the water (if applicable) has been turned off by opening up faucets. Double check that the power has been turned off by checking voltages on outlets and switches.

4. Remove Anything That Can Be Reused or Resold
Window treatments, window sills, and even windows themselves. Also plumbing and doors, outlets and switches, and lighting fixtures. Anything you want to save or resell. Make sure you put these things aside to one so they don’t get mixed in with the rubble. Also make sure you disassemble the garage door, garage door mechanism, and garage door opener.

5. Remove the Garage’s Roofing
Carefully, and using an assistant to steady your ladder, carefully remove the roofing materials from the roof. Start at the pinnacle and move downward, reducing the garage to its shell.

6. Remove the Wall Framing
Cut out the remaining shell using a circular saw and let it all fall into a pile.

7. Remove Construction Debris
Throw the construction debris you have on the ground into the dumpster. Once its full call the dumpster / roll off company and have the dumpster hauled away.

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