Demolition Clean Up

Demolition Clean Up

Demolition Clean Up

Demolition is easy. Cleaning up after a demolition is hard.

Well not really. An experienced demolition company (like Deconstruction Pro) plans for debris disposal and knows that half a demolition job is getting rid of construction debris. But many a do-it-yourselfer has finished their first demolition job only to find themselves knee deep in tile and drywall.

So if a small scale demolition project is on your list of Summer improvements this year, take a few tips from the pros on how to clean up.

1. Seal Everything in Plastic
Anything you don’t want covered in dust should be taped up and sealed in plastic. If you are demolishing a kitchen or bathroom or any interior space you’ll also want to take some plastic and fashion a plastic doorway between the room being demo’ed and the rest of the house.

Be careful if you cover your carpeting in plastic. You can easily slip on plastic if you’re not careful.

2. Protect Your Flooring
If you are demolishing a kitchen or bathroom but still want to keep your flooring? Be sure to cover your floor in heavy drop clothes.

3. Rent a dumpster or call a hauling service
You’re going to need a way to dispose of all the construction debris you generate. No, you won’t be able to fit construction debris into your weekly trash collection. So you have two options: rent a dumpster or hire a hauling service that hauls away construction debris.

Renting a dumpster is generally cheaper and you can take your time filling a dumpster. A hauling service is generally going to cost you more money but they’ll provide all the labor you’ll need.

4. If Your Doing Concrete Demolition, Skip the Wheel Barrow …
Concrete in a wheel barrow is a recipe for back ache and disaster. If you are hauling a large amount of concrete or brick pavers rent a concrete hauler. What’s a concrete hauler? Think of a heavy, motorized wheelbarrow with tank treads.

5. Clean As You Go
A good demolition contractor knows that a clean worksite is a safe worksite is a productive worksite. Deconstruction Pro. instills cleanliness as a value in each and every person that works a demo job with us.

If you’re doing your own demolition project, clean as you go. This will make your life a lot easier and make your demolition project a lot safer.

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