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Pool Removal
Deconstruction Pro. provides swimming pool demolition services. Deconstruction Pro has specially trained experts in pool removal and demolition that can demolish a swimming pool quickly without damaging your house or property. If you are seeking quality swimming pool demolition, give the pros at Deconstruction Pro a call today.

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Why Choose Swimming Pool Demolition?
The popularity of built-in home swimming pools has slipped in recent years. Many homebuyers prefer homes without pools and many homeowners who have swimming pools are choosing to remove those pools. Some of these reasons:

  • Removing a swimming pool may increase the value of your home when it is time to sell and increase the number of potential buyers
  • Pool removal eliminates costly pool maintenance and upkeep
  • Demolishing a pool adds additional space in your backyard for green gardens and activities.
  • Swimming pool removal eliminates a significant danger to young children
  • Swimming pool demolition reduces your liabilities as a homeowner
  • Swimming Pool Demolition Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What Kind of Swimming Pool Demolition Are There?
    There are two basic types of swimming pool demolition and removal for inground pools: Partial demolition and removal, and complete demolition and removal.

    Partial swimming pool demolition and removal is when the first few feet of a swimming pool are demolished and placed into the bottom of the pool. The old concrete is not removed from the pool site. Instead it is compacted and buried under a layer of fill dirt and topsoil. Partial demolition is often the cheaper of the two methods of swimming pool demolition.

    Complete swimming pool demolition and removal completely removes a swimming pool. During the demolition process the inground pool is demolished, all the concrete and remaining materials are hauled away, and the site is then filled with dirt and topsoil.

    2. Can You Demolish an Above Ground Swimming Pool?
    In most cases, yes, an above ground swimming pool can be demolished and hauled away. Compared to inground swimming pool demolition, above ground swimming demolition is a relatively straightforward and simple process.

    3. How Does Partial Swimming Pool Demolition Work?
    Partial swimming pool demolition is also sometimes referred to as a “swimming pool fill in”. Holes are punched in the bottom of the pool to allow for proper drainage of the pool site. After the pool has been drained, a couple feet of concrete is demolished and used as fill at the bottom of the pool. Gravel and dirt are also brought in as fill, and then this fill is compacted multiple times. Compaction reduces settling of the surrounding soil. After the fill has been compacted multiple times topsoil is added and then the area is converted back into lawn.

    4. How Much Does Swimming Pool Demolition Costs?
    The cost of swimming pool demolition and removal can very widely depending on various factors. Inground swimming pools will cost more to demolish than above ground swimming pools. Other factors that will affect the cost swimming removal are size of the swimming pool, the ease of access to the swimming pool, and what method of swimming pool demolition is used (i.e. partial or complete demolition).

    Call Deconstruction Pro. at (888) 666-8808 to arrange an accurate estimate of your swimming pool demolition job.

    5. Can swimming pool demolition damage my landscaping, home foundation, and underground services like a septic tank?
    Yes. Swimming pool demolition is a highly complex and technical form of demolition. Heavy equipment used to remove and demolish concrete can damage your property if it is not done properly. Improper partial swimming pool demolition, particularly when fill is not properly compacted, can result in soil settling that can permanently damage your backyard.

    When hiring a swimming pool demolition company, chose an experienced demolition company, like Deconstruction.

    6. Is A Permit Required For Swimming Pool Demolition?
    This depends largely on your state and city government. In most cases, some sort of permit for swimming pool demolition is required. The cost of these permits ranges from free to several hundred dollars.

    Another important note that many local governments have strict rules about the way in which pools are removed. Some local municipalities have zoning ordinances and construction codes specifying whether you can use a specific type of swimming pool removal, some may prohibit partial swimming pool demolition and removal, and if they allow partial swimming pool demolition they may specify how a pool may be demolished and filled in.

    7. What Do You Look for When Hiring a Swimming Pool Demolition Contractor?
    Swimming pool demolition is a highly specialized field. When choosing a swimming pool contractor make sure they are experienced in pool removal and demolition. Deconstruction Pro is an expert in the field of swimming pool removal.

    Pool Removal

    Again, it is strongly recommended that a demolition professional be called for the removal of all these items as well. This is not only for saving time but also to make sure that the work isn’t sloppy or mediocre. Swimming Pool Removal can be an easy task when you hire the professionals at Deconstruction Pro.

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Demolition Services Swimming Pool Removal
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