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Commercial Demolition Services

Commercial Demolition Services

  • Commercial Demolition Company
  • Commercial Demolition Services
  • Commercial Demolition Contractor
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  • Deconstruction Pro. provides commercial demolition services for all your needs. Deconstruction Pro. has the experience and knowledge that comes with years of experience in demolition. Deconstruction Pro. can handle both the small jobs and the big jobs.

    Why Choose Commercial Demolition?

    There are many reasons why you might be considering commercial demolition. Commercial demolition is frequently used to tear down old structures to make way for new development. Some of the reasons you may be considering commercial demolition:

    • Preparing a sight for development by removing old structures
    • Renovating old office space
    • Developing new commercial property
    • Changing a commercial space from one type of use (an office for instance) to another type of use (a restaurant as an example)
    • 1. How Much Does Commercial Demolition Cost?

      Commercial demolition services can vary in cost. Costs largely depend n the size and scope of the job itself. Because commercial demolition can range widely from job to job there is no way to estimate the cost of a project. If you are seeking commercial demolition services you should consults experts for several estimates.

      Call Deconstruction Pro. at (888) 666-8808 to arrange an accurate estimate of your concrete removal job.

      2. Does Commercial Demolition Require a Permit?

      Permitting varies from city to city and state to state, but almost certainly you will have to get a permit of some kind for your commercial demolition project. You may also be required to comply with various city-zoning ordinances depending on the intended use of your commercial property.

      3. Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured for Commercial Demolition?

      Deconstruction Pro. is licensed, bonded and insured. Deconstruction Pro has many years of experience with large and small commercial demolition jobs. We strive for excellence in all our work.

      Knowledge of Demolition Services

      At Deconstruction Pro we like to keep our customers informed and with knowledge so that our process will be much easier and smoother for all parties involved. We have listed just a few of our services and what they each entail.

    • Residential Demolition – Home demolition or the wrecking and removal of a garage, shed, retaining wall, deck, or other residential building (typically less than 3 stories). This type of structural demo is typically achieved with hydraulic excavators and bull dozers.
    • Industrial or Commercial Demolition – Wrecking services for larger jobs and larger buildings. May require a wrecking ball or controlled (explosive) demolition.
    • Swimming Pool Removal – Above ground and in-ground swimming pool demolition and removal
    • Asphalt and Concrete Demolition and Removal – Removal of concrete driveways, foundations, patios, sidewalks, etc…
    • Environmental Remediation – asbestos abatement and removal along with other hazardous materials like lead paint.
    • Selective or Interior Demolition – Interior renovation projects may require demolition crews tearing down and removing debris from walls, kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, etc…
    • Underground Storage Tank Removal – Cleanup and removal of hazardous materials contained in underground storage tanks.
    • Excavating – Site clearing and preparation for building.
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Demolition Services Swimming Pool Removal
Concrete Removal Excavation & Compaction Services
House Demolition Services Hauling & Bobcat Services
Commercial Demolition Services