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Concrete / Asphalt Removal Services we offer.

We service all of our customers in a professional manner be they Residential or Commercial customers. Deconstruction Pro will get your job done, no matter what. Contact us today for superior demolition services.


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A few words about us

The first thing we here at Deconstruction Demolition & Bobcat Service Los Angeles want to talk about is our passion for demolition and providing that service to our customers.

We have been demolishing common items for years and have developed a masterful skill for the art of demolition. We offer both interior and exterior demolition for your convenience. Our demolition work crew is truly skilled in the art of demolition.

Never worry about your demolition job not getting done in a timely and efficient manner. When we are in charge of the demolition, we promise your debris will be demolished.

Our highly trained and professional Demolition crew has years of experience. When you are ready to tackle that Bathroom renovation or Kitchen demolishing job, feel free to give us a call and let us do all the heavy work. Commercial customers will also like our availability as we are always on duty and on call for your regular Demolition jobs or night time demolition.

Demolishing Pool

We also provide Junk Hauling services for our customers.

Never be left holding that broomstick and dustpan by yourself ever again. With our Hauling services, we will remove all of that junk you want to make disappear!

We also offer our customers a great hauling service with great deals. Deconstruction Pro in Los Angeles is well qualified to haul away just about anything you might have. We use top of the line dump trucks to quickly haul away many items such as kitchen junk, bathroom junk, garage junk and sometimes office furniture. If it can fit in our trucks, and isn’t unlawful—we can haul it away.

With all of these services at your disposal, it’s a no brainer to give us a call and get us on your next Demolition job.

Give us a call today and speak to one of our friendly specialist or if you’d like, you can contact us using our Contact Pages found on the menu.


Local Demolition Services at your reach 1-888-666-8808

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